Live NetVision Introduction

Live NetVision is a Free Video Netcast program which has some similarities to Television. It can be viewed instantly with just a click. Viewers Don't need to Download anything and Registration is Not Required.

Live NetVision becomes a multi-way and multi-user interactive program by simulcasting our Live Video Meeting program and integrating the video callers into the NetVision Moderator’s presentation. This enables NetVision viewers to See and Hear multiple callers from remote locations, who are able to participate in an Interactive Group Discussion.

Live NetVision is easy to use - It can be Netcasted and also viewed from a desktop computer or from mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets or a smart phone camera AND, it Can be Seen Live, as it happens, by millions of people!

Live NetVision can Netcast any recorded or live production. Businesses are using NetVision to Netcast Live Infomercial Shows. Viewers can respond by Live 2 Way Video Calls using our Live Video Connector program to purchase products and services. Call Centers are easily set up to handle orders using our LVC - Live Video PBX Call Controller.

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Video conferencing is changing the way businesses communicate and collaborate - from conference rooms to desktops to mobile devices.

Start Video Conferencing now and see how video conferencing can increase productivity and increase sales for your Business.

  • Simplicity - With a simple click, you can Connect with customers, partners and colleagues.
  • Mobility - Live Video conferencing between laptops, tablets or smart phones.
  • Freedom - Instantly Connect with anyone, anytime.
  • No Downloads.