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Private Live Video Conferencing
with Live Video PBX


Multi Party Meeting


Live Video Netcast
similar to Television

Everything is Free - There are NO DOWNLOADS, Users can Instantly Connect to you with No Registration

We've packed 3 Live Video Platforms into One Interactive Multi-task Video Suite so Users can instantly choose their Scale of Use by Button Selection. You can Communicate and Control everything from your Desktop or Mobile Devices - Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops. No Downloads required.


Our Private Live Video Conferencing Program with Live Video PBX is called and is named for its unique feature - Consumers can One Button Click to Instantly Live Video Connect to you or your Business Reps, even without Registration or Download. The Button can be placed on your website, profile, ads and social sites, even your emails. Click for

LiveVideoMeeting is our Live Video Multi-Party Conferencing and Meeting Program. Meetings can be designated by the Organizer as being Private or Public. All attendees are shown live and they can display anything for all others to see. Attendees can also send a file to any meeting attendee and they can text message the entire group. Organizers can send out Meeting Invitations and can schedule meetings in advance or they can hold an immediate meeting.

Many Businesses use Live Meeting for Team Projects and Branch Office Communication. This program can also be used to host a family or friends get-together - So plan your next Live Net Party! Click for


NetVisionTV is a Free Video Netcast program which operates similar to Television. It can be viewed instantly with just a click. Viewers Don't need to Download anything and Registration is Not Required.

NetVisionTV is easy to use - It can be Netcasted and also viewed Live from a desktop computer or from mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets or a smart phone camera. NetVision can Netcast anything and be seen Live, as it happens, by millions of people! Click for