LVC - Call Controller - Live Video PBX

Everyone becomes frustrated when they call and can’t reach someone because the line is busy or an automated voice answering message gives a "Sorry" Message. It’s a Fact - 30% of all Sales are Lost due to Busy Lines and Incompetent and Uncaring Telephone Answering Operators. As someone in Business, do you often call back a sales lead and just before they hang-up, they say, "I already got someone to help me."

The Live Video Connector is Mobile, so the Call can be answered or initiated on a Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop or on your Office Desktop Computer. You’re always in touch, AND, if you’re on the line, the Caller can be informed that the line is busy and they can choose to be placed on Hold or have the option to leave a video, audio or text message. Users can also select people from the Directory who can answer the call.

Businesses can use this feature for all of their Departments or Extensions. Call Controller enables you to forward or put calls on hold for all Video Connector Extensions Calls.

Our Call Controller - Live Video PBX ensures that all Video Calls are immediately answered - if you’re Busy, calls are forwarded to Representatives that you assign, so Customers can always See & Talk to a Live Sales Person.

Call Controller changes everything because the Caller - Controls the Call!

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Call Controller - (Video PBX)
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With a Click on the Button you can be connected by Live Video to a person who will answer your questions, show you how a product works, talk about options - AND You can video connect live from anywhere (even while out shopping, so you can check Online Prices).

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Video conferencing is changing the way businesses communicate and collaborate - from conference rooms to desktops to mobile devices.

Start Video Conferencing now and see how video conferencing can increase productivity and increase sales for your Business.

  • Simplicity - With a simple click, you can Connect with customers, partners and colleagues.
  • Mobility - Live Video conferencing between laptops, tablets or smart phones.
  • Freedom - Instantly Connect with anyone, anytime.
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