Many Professionals are Using the Button

Real Estate Agents can Place the "Live" Button in their Ads and in their MLS Listings. Buyers and Sellers can instantly connect to them or their Brokerage Company using Live Net Video.

Insurance Agents are now using the Button in their ads to provide prospective clients with instant quotes.

Attorneys and the entire legal profession are using the LVC to Communicate with Clients; it's now used in Hearings and Depositions.

Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics and other Medical Professions are using the Button to communicate with patients. Physicians are using it for Online Doctor Visits.

Accountants, Stock Brokers, Engineers, Government Employees and Sales Reps are just a start of Who is using the Button in their daily work. All of these Working Professionals are "Minding their own BZ" and they're Seeing and Talking Live with Clients, Customers, Consumers, Co-Workers and other Business Associates. Everyone can use the Button Free for Unlimited Business and Personal Use.

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Live Button
Call Controller - (Video PBX)
Increase Sales
How To Use Guide

Don't Shop 'til You Drop

With a Click on the Button you can be connected by Live Video to a person who will answer your questions, show you how a product works, talk about options - AND You can video connect live from anywhere (even while out shopping, so you can check Online Prices).

Let Your Finger Do The Shopping


Video conferencing is changing the way businesses communicate and collaborate - from conference rooms to desktops to mobile devices.

Start Video Conferencing now and see how video conferencing can increase productivity and increase sales for your Business.

  • Simplicity - With a simple click, you can Connect with customers, partners and colleagues.
  • Mobility - Live Video conferencing between laptops, tablets or smart phones.
  • Freedom - Instantly Connect with anyone, anytime.
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