Increase Your Sales Using The Free Live Button

More than 65% of Website Visitors abandon shopping carts for fear of credit card theft and other service related issues such as not receiving product information. The Live Video Connector allays these concerns because Live Interaction with a Rep they can See and Talk with, instills confidence.

Purchasing is made easier and presenting a Sales Rep a Credit Card Number is not a problem.

“It’s like being together in a store,” is the reaction of almost everyone.

Customers who have this positive sales experience become loyal customers and recommend you to friends.

The Live Video Connector increases sales conversion rates because Live Sales Interaction overcomes indecision; it gives customers the answers they need in making a purchase.

Imagine when someone clicks on your "Live" Button and they’re instantly connected to you or your Sales Rep by Live Video. You can display and demonstrate products - it’s like being together "in person" It really Sells! Place the "Live" Button on your website, ads, profile page and your Social Sites, even your emails. It’s Easy to Use and it’s Free!

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Live Button
Call Controller - (Video PBX)
Increase Sales
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Don't Shop 'til You Drop

With a Click on the Button you can be connected by Live Video to a person who will answer your questions, show you how a product works, talk about options - AND You can video connect live from anywhere (even while out shopping, so you can check Online Prices).

Let Your Finger Do The Shopping


Video conferencing is changing the way businesses communicate and collaborate - from conference rooms to desktops to mobile devices.

Start Video Conferencing now and see how video conferencing can increase productivity and increase sales for your Business.

  • Simplicity - With a simple click, you can Connect with customers, partners and colleagues.
  • Mobility - Live Video conferencing between laptops, tablets or smart phones.
  • Freedom - Instantly Connect with anyone, anytime.
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