Personal Use

Anyone can use the Live Video Meeting Program Free with Unlimited use. It can be used to video conference with friends, family and co-workers. The uses are many, such as parties and special events. Students and Teachers are now using it to collaborate on home study assignments. Everyone can now See, Talk and "Text" with the entire group, at the same time. Initiate or Answer from Anywhere, at Any Time using your Mobile Device.

You can also hold a Live Video Meeting with all your Social Site Followers, Bloggers or Group Members. They can Text, Talk and See everyone Face 2 Face - in Real Time Streaming Interactive Live Video. Anyone can Talk about their Special Interests and You, as the Meeting Host Moderator, have control over the content.

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Personal Use
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Video conferencing is changing the way businesses communicate and collaborate - from conference rooms to desktops to mobile devices.

Start Video Conferencing now and see how video conferencing can increase productivity and increase sales for your Business.

  • Simplicity - With a simple click, you can Connect with customers, partners and colleagues.
  • Mobility - Live Video conferencing between laptops, tablets or smart phones.
  • Freedom - Instantly Connect with anyone, anytime.
  • No Downloads.