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The following Directory of NetVision Channels is designed to fulfill the future of NetVision. Users will be able to choose from many different Categories and Subjects from our Archived Directory. NetVision is new, however, we envision a whole new medium of live, interactive streaming netcasts in the upcoming months.

As shows are placed into the Directory, it will become a resource of information for business, education and entertainment, etc. Imagine a NetVisionNetwork containing thousands of channels with dozens of categories serving to your specific topic of interest.

NetVision has Current Video and Text News that pertain to each Category/ Subject and it can assist you in writing your social site pages, blogs, tweets and can serve as knowledge for your NetVision Show. To See the Latest News, Click the News Button on Live Network News

Your show can be listed in our NetVisionNetwork Directory and be launched and archived in Social Sites such as You Tube. It's all Free and without server requirements. When you netcast on NetVision, you can be netcasted to thousands of viewers.

Show Director (Moderator)

Anyone can host a show on a NetVision Channel. Your viewers can communicate with you by Text. There is a line below each viewer's screen which states - "To communicate with the Moderator by text, Click Here".

You can choose another subject other than what is contained in the NetVision Channel Directory by listing it under Miscellaneous. You can choose anything from Astrology to Zoology. The rules of netcasting and the use of NetVision are that you are solely responsible for a good, clean show (no porn). All of our Rules of Participation and Conduct apply. If we deem the production to be inappropriate, we will zap it using our "instazap" technology.

If you're a professional like a Doctor or Attorney, choose a topic on Health or Legal Issues. If you're a Teacher, select a course to teach. If you're a religious leader, give faith a chance. If you're politically inclined, start your campaign on NetVision.

Show Search

Users can search the NetVision Directory of Channel Categories and select archived Video Productions by Subjects.

Show Hosting

There is no charge to host your production. You can set up a Personal Directory of Your Recordings for Play on Demand.

Show Production

NetVision is Netcasted Live. A simple web cam or phone camera is all that is necessary. With NetVision's "Net Prompter," you can view your entire script (For Reading or Reference).

Show Recording

We will auto load your Show Recordings to You Tube so Users can Play Your Recordings On Demand.

Live Network News

NetVision prints Current News from various News Reporting sources. Many are copyrighted and reprints are only permitted with with the author’s written permission. The content is for your general knowledge and education. The News can assist you in creating More Stimulating and Provocative NetVision Shows.

InfoTainment vs InfoMercial

Producing a half hour commercial show will bring insta-sales as is evidenced by Television InfoMercials, BUT virtually no one wants to see an InfoMercial again, so it's a one-time production. InfoTainment is unlike an InfoMercial. InfoTainment is entertainment information designed to sell in a very subtle manner. Your show will bring repeat viewers if the show is interesting, informative and fulfills a need. Remember, most shows are subject centered, so viewers have a built in interest. They share a common quest for knowledge about the show's content. Produce a Live Weekly InfoTainment Show and NetVision will serve you well!

Unlimited Use

There is no limit on Live NetVision Viewer Use.

Click Here for the NetVision News and Channels Directory.

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