Live Net Video - How To Use Quick Start Guide

Live Net Video - Dashboard

After logging in, you'll be taken to your Dashboard.

You can control your entire account from the Dashboard.

  1. You can use any of the features of Live Net Video from the Dashboard Navigation.
  2. Clicking on Home brings you to the Dashboard Screen.
  3. Clicking on Phone will opens the Live Video Connector Management Dashboard.
  4. Clicking on Meetings opens the Meetings Management Dashboard.
  5. Clicking on Account opens your Account Management Dashboard.
  6. Clicking on Contacts opens the Contacts Management Dashboard.
  7. Clicking on Company opens the Company Management Dashboard.
  8. Clicking on Settings opens the Settings Management Screen.
  9. Clicking on Search opens the Search for Companys or People screen.
  10. My Employees opens Employee Management Screen.
  11. Clicking on the Netcast Link opens the Netcast Management Screen.
  12. Clicking on the Block-list link opens your Blocked-List Screen.
  13. To Logout, click on the Logout Link.