Live Video Connector - How To Use


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For Quick Start (simple and brief instructions), Click the Quick Start Guide Button. Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide is sufficient for most users to start using Live Video Connector immediately.

If you want detailed instructions on the many features of the Live Video Connector, please Read the "How to Use",
which is an extensive and comprehensive guide on all of the features and functions of Live Video Connector.

How to Use Live Video Connector:

  1. Instructions for Registered Business Users
  2. Instructions for Registered Personal Users
  3. Instructions for Non-Registered Users.
Business Use

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - Customers - Clients - Viewers - Everyone connects to you in Live Streaming Interactive Video. With just a click on the Button, they can See and Talk with you Live. It's used in sales/service to connect
buyers and sellers, however, it has many uses, such as Information and Communication, etc.

Personal Use

Stay in Touch with Family and Friends - It’s easy have a family get together no matter where you are. With just a click of a button.


Non-Registered Users - What Customers, Clients, Friends and Family do when connecting with you, if they are not registered.