Live Video Meeting - How To Use


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For Quick Start (simple and brief instructions), Click the Quick Start Guide Button. Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide is enough for most users to start using Live Video Meeting immediately.

If you want detailed instructions on various features of Live Video Meeting, we've put together "How to Use",
which is an extensive and comprehensive guide on all of the functions of Live Video Meeting.

How to Use Live Video Meeting:

  1. Instructions for Registered Business Users
  2. Instructions for Registered Personal Users
Business Use

Meetings and team projects are an important part of Business. When email is not enough to keep people connected, live online video meetings can be a useful tool to keep employees up-to-date with information.

Personal Use

With the rapid pace of life, it can often be difficult to schedule times for Family and Friends. Meeting online is a useful alternative that allows friends and family to meet without scheduling an in-person meeting.