Live Video Meeting - How To Use Quick Start Guide

Introduction To Meetings

Introduction To Meetings

Meetings and team projects are an important part of Business. When email is not enough to keep people connected, online video meetings can be a useful tool to keep employees up-to-date with information.

With the rapid pace of life, it can often be difficult to schedule times for groups to collaborate that fit into the busy schedules of Colleagues, Customers, Businesses, Family and Friends. Meeting online is a useful alternative that allows businesses, co-workers, friends and family to meet without scheduling an in-person meeting.

Anyone can use the Live Meeting Program to conduct Live Video Meetings. The program is FREE to use and requires NO Download.

It’s as Simple as the Click of a Button.

The uses for Live Video Meeting are endless. It can be used for Company Meetings, Customer Service, Staff Interaction, Friends and Family get-togethers, Education, and so much more.

Meetings are NOW easy to conduct and include:

  • Face-to-Face Collaboration    
  • Screen Sharing    
  • Easy File Transfer and much more.


Our system is prepared to instantly scale. As your Business grows in sales volume, just add more salespeople, because our program can host multi-party groups.